WaykiChain(WICC) Weekly Report (07.06–07.12)

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Marketing Process(Overseas)
On July 8, WaykiChain official Medium published: WaykiChain CEO: DeFi to Break Loose BTC From King. WaykiChain CEO, Gordon Gao discussed the vision and future of DeFi in the financial industry from 3 perspectives: establishing a new financial order, boosting blockchain explosion, and providing integrated financial services.

Ambassador Recruitment
On July 10, WaykiChain recruited an Arabic ambassador named Abdulla Hesham Khalifa. Abdulla Hesham Khalifa has been worked in the blockchain industry for many years and gathered plenty of resources in the blockchain investment market. He will help expand the WaykiChain Arab market, operate communities, plan, and execute market activities.

Landing Application
On July 8, WaykiChain achieved a strategic partnership with an architectural design company Atlas Mimarlik. This is anther WUSD landing application example after Huatong securities and Avione Jet.

On July 10, WaykiChain strategic partner Huatong Securities launched the English website (https://www.wbroker.com/), which will clear the language barriers to achieve WUSD more landing applications worldwide.

Community operation
Operate governance coin KOL external community “WGRT to the moon”, “WGRT holders”, synchronously operate WaykiChain 20+countries, 15+ languages, 48 communities in total. 50000+ community members and local twitter, TikTok, Forum, focusing on communities like Vietnam, Japan, Korea.

Marketing Process(China)
On July 6, WaykiChain was invited to participate in “Genesis Night” hosted by Bit Waves. WaykiChain distributed lots of related gifts to online users. Users love the gifts and feel optimistic about WaykiChain’s development.

On July 7, WaykiCDP and WaykiDEX were launched on DappReview DeFi List. WaykiChain will continue to explore in the DeFi field and provide better DeFi services for users.

On July 9, WaykiNews(Chinese subtitle version) released on WaykiChain official Sina Weibo, WaykiChain official Douyin. Welcome to subscribe to our channel.

On July 10, WaykiChain sponsored AEX 7th anniversary ”Search Old Friends, Get Thousands Rewards” activity. Lots of WICC red envelopes were given away.

On July 12, WaykiChain released 7 features of the Public Chain V3.0 upgrade. WaykiChain is going to across from “Fly” to “Tiger” era. Stay tuned for more upgrade details.

On July 13, WaykiChain co-founder & CTO Richard Chen was invited to join live broadcast hosted by SZBA (ShenZhen information service Blockchain Association). Richard will share basic knowledge of blockchain, please stay tuned if you are interested.

Public Chain Development
· Testnet validation bugs fixed and regression tested; (100%)
· Latest version of Testnet upgraded; (100%)
· WASM contract track data storage performance optimized; (100%)
· WASM contract TPS performance tested; (80%)
· WASM contract A obtained Contract B state; (100%)
· WASM Uniswap draft completed; (100%)
· Community Public Chain technical document (Chinese&English) V3.0 upgraded;

Application Development
· Wayki-X H5 page jumped native; (100%)
· Wayki-X back-end error code sorted and multilingual version developed; (100%)
· Wayki-X trading confirmation procedure optimized, Trading details obtained; (100%)
· Wayki-X back-end adoption Public Chain token switched; (100%)
· Wayki-X guide page developed; (100%)
· Wayki-X receiving reward page completed; (90%)
· WaykiTimes Android version compatibility-tested; (100%)
· WaykiTimes testing test case executed; (100%)
· WaykiTimes users trading interface developed; (100%)
· WaykiTimes Android native bugs fixed; (98%)
· DEX modifying the liquidity transaction friction fee tested; (100%)
· Blockchain browser certificate changed; (100%)
· Blockchain application testnet deployment completed. (30%)

Weekly Plan

Public Chain Development
· MainetV3.0 version will be upgraded;
· WASM Uniswap will be developed;
· WASM contract TPS performance will be tested;
· Community Public Chain technical document(Chinese&English)V3.0 will be upgraded.
Application Development
· Wayki-X trading page drop-down refresh function will be developed;
· Wayki-X will be internationalized;
· DEX testnet performance and match verification will be tested;
· WaikiTimes testnet will be tested;
· WaykiTimes Android bugs will be fixed;
· Blockchain application testnet will be deployed.

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