WaykiChain(WICC) Weekly Report(08.10–08.16)

Technology & Products

Public Chain Development

· WASM state library reconstruction debugging completed (100%)

· WASM Uniswap v2 completed (100%)

· WASM CDT v2 merging completed (100%)

· WASM WaykiChain v4 merging completed (100%)

· pBFT realization optimized (100%)

· Public chain testing script maintenance and optimization

· Public chain technical documentation updated (submitSendMultiTx, docker one-to-many grammar) (100%)

Application Development

· WaykiTimes iOS 3.0.0 client released and tested in the production environment (100%)

· WaykiTimes iOS 3.0.1 client released and tested in the production environment (100%)

· WaykiTimes Android 3.0.2 client released and tested in the production environment (100%)

· WUSD-USDT exchange launched and tested (100%)

· WaykiTimes iOS client bugs fixed (100%)

· WaykiTimes Android client bugs fixed (100%)

· WUSD-USDT exchange supports QR code input of addresses (100%)

· Insufficient balance notification added in WUSD-USDT exchange (100%)

· General transaction type display bug fixed on blockchain explorer (100%)

· Wayki-X Auction bug fixing (95%)

· Wayki-X Auction testing (85%)

· Wayki-X description page UI adjusted, multi-language images added (100%)

· Wayki-X contract test case optimization and automated testing (80%)

Weekly Plan

Public Chain Development

· WASM notify dispatch

· WASP API v2 sample restructuration

· Tutorials on DEX sign-up, updating, order placement etc.

· Research on support of Solidity contract language in WASM

· pBFT testing

Application Development

· WaykiTimes iOS client release on TestFlight

· Completion of new specifications for WUSD-USDT exchange

· Wayki-X Auction bug fixing

· Wayki-X Auction testing

· Wayki-X contract test case optimization and automated testing


International Market

· Event series: On August 13, OKEx launched the WGRT Hodl & Reward Campaign.

· On August 13, U.Today added price prediction for WGRT, LINK, NEST, and COMP.

· On August 13, #OKExDeFiRoundTable invited WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao for a video interview.

· On August 14, OKEx CEO Jay Hao called the high gas fee of Ethereum in his Twitter and LinkedIn and expressed that he would choose WaykiChain to build a DeFi project. He published the OKEx’ comparison of the WaykiChain 3-token economic model with Ethereum and MakerDAO. WaykiChain CEO interacted and thanked him.

· On August 14, WaykiChain held an online recruitment session of 50 international promoters. Professional teams from South Korea, Japan, France, India, and Russia participated.

· On August 15, the WGRT DeFi Google Search Airdrop Campaign was held.

· On August 15, WaykiChain official representatives joined the unofficial Japanese community in Line.

· On August 16, Coin CM invited Global Ambassadors to an online AMA session.

· On August 16, WaykiChain’s Lois White joined the Publish 0X community online AMA and interview.

· On August 16, WaykiChain’s Lois White was interviewed by Dubai media Lock-Up.

· On August 16, DeFi Pulse founder The Asset Man retweeted “How Much Value Does WaykiChain’s DeFi Governance Token Hold?”.

· On August 16, CoinAd added the introduction to WaykiChain’s public chain technology.

· On August 16, WaykiChain announced that the total locked value of WICC exceeded 46 million tokens.

· On August 16, Uday’s DeFi zone displayed OKEx WGRT banner.

· Videos: On August 12, WaykiChain started the public welfare ad campaign Your Road to Fortune.

· On August 13, WaykiChain global partner Vincent Lionheart posted the 7 upgrades of WGRT.

· On August 16, the first TikTok post of the WaykiChain DeFi series got 500+ likes and 100+ comments.

· Media: NewsBTC: Tron’s Former Co-founder Joins DeFi WaykiChain with its Moon WGRT of ROI 500%.

· On August 14, CoinTelegraph reposted NewsBTC’s article and got over 10k involvements.

· On August 14, ACCESSWIRE published “Meet WGRT, A DeFi Token Deflationary of 10% Market Circulation Rate”.

· On August 15, Coinspeaker, Cryptopys, and other media published “WaykiChain DeFi Token WGRT Rockets with ROI 800%”.

· On August 16, Coinreader published “What Heroes See: OKEx CEO Praises WaykiChain DeFi and Its Governance Token WGRT Design”.

· On August 16, CoinAd and 13 other media published “Public Chain Star on the DeFi Track: WaykiChain Completes Cross-chain Ahead of Ethereum. The 8 Tech Advantages of WaykiChain DeFi You Need to Know”.

Community: Operation of WaykiX CS (Wayki-X official support group), WGRT Bounty Race, WGRT to the Moon, and WGRT Holders groups. WaykiChain operates in 20+ countries and regions, almost 20 languages and 40+ communities including Twitter and forums with a total of 50,000+ members. Community maintenance focus: Vietnam, Japan, and South Korea.

National Market

· On August 10–16, MXC Exchange holds the WGRT Trading Contest with iPad and 100,000 WGRT Giveaway. The user with the largest WGRT/USDT daily trading volume can receive an iPad and the top 10 users with the largest cumulative trading volume can share a 100,000 WGRT prize.

· On August 10, WaykiTimes iOS 3.0 launched officially. Wayki-X of WaykiTimes 3.0 is in public beta testing. Any Android and iOS user who provides a mobile phone number and a verification code on the WaykiTimes 3.0 airdrop page can get 5,000 tROG and 100 tUSD test tokens for free.

· On August 10, WaykiChain officially launched WUSD/USDT exchange. Instant WUSD/USDT exchange at around 1:1 ratio is available to meet a wider range of users’ financial needs.

· On August 12, WaykiChain co-founder & CEO Gordon Gao attended POW’ER 2020 Blockchain Technology and Application Summit. Mr. Gao joined the discussion “Can DeFi Devour Traditional Finance in the Next 10 Years?” together with Primitive Ventures founding partner Dovey Wan, The Force Protocol co-founder Lei Yu, dForce founder Mindao Yang, head of Staking Business in Huobi Pool Ding Yuan, BCA founder and CEO Bohan Sun, ARPA co-founder Felix Xu, TAIYI CEO and Crypto Guardian (Udun) wallet founder Yan Qizheng.

· On August 12, WaykiChain announced that former TRON co-founder Liu Ming joined the team and assists in the WaykiChain global public chain ecosystem construction.

· On August 14, WaykiChain co-founder & CEO Gordon Gao accepted 499BLOCK’s invitation to the discussion “The Fire of DeFi Can Set the Prairie Ablaze” together with OKEx CEO Jay Hao, Roark Group founder Sky, and TokenInsight Chief Analyst Johnson Xu.

· On August 17, WICC total collateral exceeded 46 million tokens, accounting for 20% of the total supply. WUSD loans reached 2.4 million and grow continuously.