WaykiChain WICC | Weekly Report(08.17–08.23)

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Technology & Products

Public Chain Development

WASM notify dispatch completed (100%)

WASM index-table update completed (100%)

WASM index contract samples completed (100%)

Application Development

Swap test environment built (100%)

Token Swap transaction-related interface and timing task (90%)

Wayki-X auction end bug fixed and tested, and reached launch standard(100%)

Cross-Chain token swap multi-coins function developed and tested, and bug fixed (70%)

WaykiTimes function optimized(100%)

WaykiTimes IOS target buried(60%)

Test Flight published and audited(100%)

Decentralized Exchange tutorial content completed(100%)

Feed price service optimized(100%)

Weekly Plan

Public Chain Development

Data storage optimized

pBFT tested

WASM API v2 contract samples

Application Development

Cross-Chain token swap tested

Token Swap multi-coins pairs function bugs fixed

Reverse Token Swap requirements learned

Token Swap bug fixed

Wayki-X auction end online maintenance

Wicc-rosetta-API project interface is implemented in Kotlin

WaykiTimes iOS buried points and crash log upload

TestFlight release review updated

Feed price optimized


International Market

On August 17, the Twitter series voted: Why you did not hold WaykiChain Governance Coin WGRT?

On August 17, Coinspeaker’s official Twitter tweeted: WaykiChain DeFi Token WGRT Rockets with ROI 800%.

On August 18, WaykiChain’s official Twitter released a simplified video interview of WaykiChain CEO, Gordon Gao, and OKEx CEO Jay Hao.

At 8 pm on August 18th, WaykiChain global partner Vincent was invited to participate in AMA with Well-known “Forum Crypto MoonLight” community.

At 9 pm on August 18th, WaykiChain CTO, Richard Chen was invited to participate in AMA in OKEx’s official English telegram community.

Community: operation of WaykiX CS (Wayki-X official support group), WGRT Bounty Race, WGRT to the Moon, and WGRT Holders groups. WaykiChain operates in 20+ countries and regions, almost 20 languages and 40+ communities including Twitter and forums with a total of 50,000+ members. Community maintenance focus: Vietnam, Japan, and South Korea.

National Market

On August 18th, The financial KOL Jiao released a video about WaykiChain governance coin WGRT on her Weibo and compared the WaykiChain project to the “light of domestic projects” in the DeFi field, stated that WaykiChain DeFi has solved opaque, high cost, and high threshold problems which exist in traditional finance.

On August 21, WaykiChain governance coin WGRT was listed on the AEX Exchange. The deposit was opened at 15:00 and the transaction was opened at 18:00 on the same day.

On August 21, WaykiChain launched listing event on AEX to give the Porsche 718 Boxster roadster and BMW. The event started from 18:00 on August 21st to 23:59 on August 27th. Please log in to the AEX to view the announcement of the event.

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