WaykiChain WICC | Weekly Report(08.31–09.06)

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Technology & Products

Public Chain Development

WASM AMPL stable coin contract draft (100%)

Flow chart development for WASM end-to-end applications (50%)

Status data storage optimization (100%)

Adding WASM I/O interfaces and detailed descriptions for a part of interfaces (80%)

Verification of the signature push public key algorithm and testing its code ability (C++, go) through RPC

Application Development

Solved the data loading issue when swiping up in Wayki-X Synths (100%)

Wayki-X Collateral Loans guide page development (100%)

Wayki-X price feed delay fixed (100%)

Web front end of the ROG Launch banner page completed (100%)

Amount issue in the plug-in wallet fixed (100%)

Issues in the explorer’s scanning contract fixed (100%)

Display bug of release contract type of universal transactions fixed on the blockchain explorer (100%)

WASM contract specifications for the blockchain explorer completed (100%)

WaykiTimes iOS App Store version testing (100%)

Google crash analysis and testing added to WaykiTimes Android (100%)

WaykiTimes remember password function (50%)

Weekly Plan

Public Chain Development

WASM end-to-end

Sushi/Curve contract source code reading

Completion of WASM API Chinese and English interface

Application Development

Wayki-X release version

WaykiTimes remember password function development and testing

Wayki-X Collateral Loans guide page development and testing

WaykiTimes Help Center


International Market

On September 4, Russian volunteers opened the second WaykiChain Russian group in Telegram: https://t.me/waykichainrussian.

On September 6, WaykiChain opened the official Discord community: https://discord.gg/XyAkqa.

On September 6, WaykiChain CTO Richard Chen was invited to the Blockchain + Innovative Service and Industrial Application Conference and the China Chamber of International Commerce Blockchain Innovation Service Industry Committee Establishment Conference as a member of the expert group.

National Market

On August 31, CoinTiger started the DeFi Contest Phase 5 event: DeFi supernova WGRT debuts, half price for a limited time.

On September 1, CoinTiger listed WaykiChain governance token WGRT and opened the WGRT/USDT pair. WGRT net buy & hold competition started and the CoinTiger community joined a series of WGRT-themed challenges.

On September 1, WaykiChain governance token WGRT successfully mapped to Ethereum and ERC-20 WGRT was created. The world’s largest DEX Uniswap officially supported it and listed the WGRT/USDT pair.

On September 2, WaykiChain Strategic Analyst Jing Tao gave the speech “WGRT Dragon, Fly, Tiger, and Leap: Community Governance Upstart” to the MXC community and distributed 3 gold bars to the event participants.

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