WaykiChain(WICC) Weekly Report — 10.14–10.20

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Technology & Product Development

Public chain development — stablecoin module

  • Application layer
  • Solved the problem of “Please install or import wallet” tip false alarm.

Public Chain development — fundamental module

  • Followed up and fixed problems related to the public chain;
  • Public chain 2.0 characteristic fork height has reached 4109588 at 6:00 pm on 2019.10.20. After the successful completion of the fork, block is continuously increasing. WaykiChain has been well-prepared for the release of stablecoin and decentralized exchange business on Tuesday.

Application development

  • WaykiTimes v2.1: All-round testing. (100%)
  • WaykiBridge: added a new interface.
  • WaykiBridge test page: added new interface testing function;
  • WaykiMix: added the stablecoin related fields. (100%)
  • The official website background management system: added new modules such as rights management. (60%)
  • The faucet background development (60%)

Plan for this week

Public Chain development — fundamental module

  • Fix bugs in stablecoin test feedback/joint debug.
  • Continuous optimization and follow-up of public chain automated test scripts.
  • Continuous optimization and follow-up of baas api automation script.

Application development

  • WaykiTimes v2.5: comfirm the prototype 100%;
  • Complete the development of official website background management system;
  • Develop WRC-30 Issuing Asset;
  • Wallet library file update.

Community Development


  • WaykiChain Wolrd Tour Turkey station was held in Istanbul on October 20th. CEO Gordon Gao gave a speech about WaykiChain project development and stablecoin system to local WaykiChainers and cryptocurrency investors. There was an airdrop in meet-up.
  • WaykiChain team participated in Turkey’s annual largest blockchain event in Istanbul. At the Eurasia blockchain summit, CEO Gordon Gao was invited as a key guest to introduce the development of WaykiChain technology, application landing and future prospect;
  • WaykiChain launched CTO AMA “WUSD: the stablecoin darkhorse” jointly with partners Coldlar and DAppReview in their Telegram groups, preheating the release of stablecoin;
  • Maintenance of overseas official channels, released “WaykiChain CEO Gave Speech at Eurasia Blockchain Summit Hosted by Huobi”,”weekly report” etc.articles.
  • Daily operations of WaykiChain Official Group and WaykiChain Developers-Global, 웨이키체인-WaykiChain(WICC) Korea and WaykiChain Korea Kakao group, updating project in time.


  • On October 14th, “Wayki Weekly Battle” launched by WaykiChain sweetie Wechat, “Wiki Weekly Battle” provided blockchain industry knowledge and WaykiChain knowledge quiz, welcome you to participate in and win the prize;
  • On October 16, WaykiChain jointly launched 1V1 debate live with AEX community arround the theme “Is the decline in the price of coins a collapse of faith?”, the two sides had a one-hour debate, and nearly 700 community members watched it online at the same time, which led to the active discussion;
  • WaykiChain Sweetie launched the seventh round WICC rewards distribution to collect questions of “Wayki Weekly Battle”;
  • WaykiChain was invited to attend Eurasian Blockchain Summit and published “Gordon Gao: the world first’s “three-token economy model” released by WaykiChain” and “Gordon Gao: public chain can provide DApp and users with diversified and systematic services”.

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