WaykiChain(WICC) Weekly Report — 12.02–12.08

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Technology & Product Development

Public chain development — stablecoin module

  • CDP mobile product development is 95% complete; 80% of the first round of testing is completed, and 90% of the error regression test is complete.
  • 100% complete DEX prototype design and UI design.

Public Chain development — fundamental module

  • Completed PBTF consensus combing 100%.
  • Familiar with wasm smart contracts 100%.
  • Exchange registration function based on wasm system contract (50%).

Application development

  • WaykiTimes v.2.5 testing and launching 100%.
  • Testing CDP on mobile end and reach the on-line standard 100%.
  • BaaS backup database problem handling 100%.
  • Testing and launching the official website 2.0 100%.
  • Testing and launching Official website background management system 100%.
  • Developing and launching official website news page SEO 100%.
  • Correcting Wallet library specification documentation 100%.
  • Promoting the optimal design of 4 sets of signature libraries 100%.
  • Writing DEX mobile test cases 80%.
  • Rewriting Kotlin wallet library 80%.
  • Batch coin backstage development 60%.
  • WICC / ETH / BTC golang wallet library development 40%.
  • Python wallet library BTC support 30%.

Plan for this week

Public Chain Development — Stablecoin Module

  • Launch CDP mobile end after beta.
  • Complete development of DEX mobile end.

Public Chain development — fundamental module

  • Wasm optimization.
  • Wasm smart contract related tests.
  • DEX: Achieving exchange registration function based on wasm system contract.
  • DEX: Achieving new pending order function based on wasm system contract.

Application development

  • Launching CDP mobile ends.
  • Developing DEX mobile ends.
  • Batch coin development.
  • WICC / ETH / BTC generate offline signature function development / optimization.
  • Writing test cases for batch coin issuance.
  • Adding test cases for kotlin wallet library.
  • Wallet library: add btc, eth support.

Community Development


  • On December 4th, the leader of the WaykiChain Vietnam community, Chung, held an event for the WaykiChain Global Tour (Vietnam Station) in Hanoi and announced WaykiChain Global Ambassador Recruitment Program on the event. The overseas market manager Lois attended and demonstrated the usage mechanism of WUSD to audiences. A total of more than 100 guests participated this event.
  • On December 5th, WaykiChain Turkish global Partner Vincent held the third offline meet-up in Edirne, Turkey. Vincent introduced the development prospects and advantages of the WaykiChain project to nearly 100 local cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
  • Cryptonews, Cryptobdschool, Bitdaily and other overseas media have paid attention to the cooperation between WaykiChain and Avione Jet on application scenarios. They published and reprinted the articles <WaykiChain Partners with Avione Jet to Introduce its Stablecoin WUSD to Jet Renting>.
  • The official channel of WaykiChain on Medium and Twitter update the contents about WaykiChain Global Tour (Vietnam Station) and listing on Bithumb Exchange. <WaykiChain Global Tour (Vietnam)>、<WaykiChain Vietnam Meet-up was successfully held in Hanoi> and <Waykichain (Wicc) was successfully listed on Bithumb> are published on the channel.
  • Daily operations of WaykiChain Official Group and WaykiChain Developers-Global, 웨이키체인-WaykiChain(WICC) Korea, WaykiChain Korea Kakao group, WaykiChain Global Ambassador Recruitment group, WaykiChain Turkish Group, WaykiChain Indonesia group, WaykiChain Indian group, WaykiChain Vietnamese group, WaykiChain Brazilian group, WaykiChain Dubai group, and WaykiChain VIP welfare group, updating project in time.


  • WaykiChain was successfully listed on Bithumb on December 3, 2019. It is a sign that WaykiChain officially entered the South Korean trading market. When WaykiChain was officially launched on Bithumb, it received a large number of transactions from South Korean investors. The opening price soared to 6 times the price on the Huobi exchange. This further promote the development of WaykiChain in the global market and increase the global visibility of WaykiChain.
  • On December 3rd, Jiasen, the vice president of WaykiChain, was invited to be a guest on a Blockchain TV show. He discussed ‘what is the future of the public chain?’ with Qiu Han, CEO of ShangChain, from the technological innovation, business model, the development path of the alliance chain and the public chain, and the issues public chain currently faces.
  • On December 4th, WaykiChain topic debate initiated the topic ‘Who is more value? The protocol layer or the application layer?’ There were a total of 806 speeches and discussions in the WaykiChain Sweetie Official at the same time.
  • On December 5, the 2019 Future Business Ecolink Conference was held in Shenzhen. As an outstanding project of the third-generation blockchain commercial public chain, WaykiChain was invited to participate the conference. WaykiChain presented the staged achievements in technology, ecology, and commercial applications to guests, and jointly discussed blockchain technology innovation and industrial integration.

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