WaykiChain(WICC) Weekly Report — 12.30–01.05

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Public Chain Development

  • Wasm type reflection and serialization.100%
  • Contract debug call stack architecture and implementation.90%
  • Improve DEX’s open — end design and implementation.100%
  • Improve the design and implementation of DEX.100%
  • DEX settlement supports open listing and custom rate calculation.100%
  • Optimize the implementation of user IDs.100%
  • DEX registration features code structure optimization.100%
  • Propose to review functional design and development (governance of compatibility parameters and data such as dex).50%

Application development

  • DEX mobile end (front end, back end) development.100%
  • WICC/ETH/BTC offline signature function development.90%
  • WaykiTimes 2.5.1 comes online.100%
  • Signature modification of the flutter wallet library.80%
  • Plug-in wallet v2.2.0 development.40%ETH scan service (multi-chain wallet).30%

Plan for this week

Public Chain development

  • Transaction handling fee step charge realization.100%
  • Proposed/seconded realization.100%
  • Wasm exception handling and optimization.

Application development

  • WICC/ETH/BTC offline signature function development.100%
  • WaykiTimes: multi-chain wallet design.
  • Kotlin wallet library wasm contract signature added.
  • New plug-in wallet development.100%
  • WUSD is mapped to USDT(ETH Token).
  • DEX test complete.100%

Community Development


  • Chung, WaykiChain Vietnam ambassador plans to hold the second WaykiChain Vietnam meet-up in Hanoi on January.
  • The Korean media reported on the progress of the WaykiChain project and meet-ups.
  • There is a prize simulation of the CDP real role play game in WaykiChain community.
  • WaykiChain ambassadors plan to add two new Philippine ambassadors to help WaykiChain ambassadors grow and expand ecologically.
  • WaykiChain’s second anniversary event, overseas communities are collecting for birthday videos from 15 countries (ongoing).
  • WaykiChain meet up will be held in Seoul, South Korea on January 6.
  • Running Telegram “WaykiChain Official Group”, “WaykiChain developers-global “,”웨 이 키 체 인 — WaykiChain (WICC) Chesapeake (Waykichain south Korean official)”, “Kakao group of south Korea” “WaykiChain Global Ambassador Recruitment Global Ambassador”, “Waykichain group of Turkey”, “Waykichain group of Indonesia” “Waykichain India” “Waykichain Japanese” “Waykichain Vietnam” “Waykichain group of Vietnam” “Waykichain Brazil” “Waykichain VIP welfare” “Waykichain Dubai.” Waykichain British”,”Waykichain France group” “Waykichain German” “Waykichain Ukraine” “Waykichain Spain” “Waykichain Bangladesh” “Waykichain Philippines” and other projects keep abreast of the latest developments.


  • On December 31, CoinTiger increased its stake in WICC by 3 million.
  • The activity of exchanging 1 WUSD for 500g of fresh local pork is closed on January 2nd, and the pork will be distributed this week.
  • On January 3, New WaykiTimes updated version 2.5.1 was launched on all major application market platforms, and WaykiTimes added BTC Lending function (Collateralize BTC to borrow USDT/WUSD).
  • On January 4, just before the day of the 2nd anniversary of WaykiChain, the CEO of WaykiChain, Gordan, was invited by many medias to talk about the spirit of WaykiChain, and said that it creates real user value.The media’s article “making exploration and achievements beyond The Times” has attracted attention from both inside and outside the industry.
  • On January 5, WaykiChain official Wechat account: WaykiChain Sweetie lanuched “WaykiChain 2nd anniversary activity, a total of 4 benefits were returned to the old and new users of WaykiChain, and within 2 hours of the launch of the activity, the welfare three were full of early draw prizes. All WaykiChainers are welcome to follow our official Wechat account and join the 2nd anniversary party, which runs until 00:00 on January 13.
  • On January 5, the official Weibo account of WaykiChain was also launched the 2nd anniversary activity simultaneously with other platforms. On January 13, 100 lucky winners will be selected to give an annual gift package of WaykiChain.WaykiChainers are welcome to participate in this event.
  • Till January 5, WaykiChain (WICC) Total Collateral breaks 16.5 million, and the data is still growing.

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