WaykiChain(WICC) Weekly Report-4.08–4.14

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Technology & Product Development

Application Development

WaykiTimes v1.2.0 launched:

· In ‘Find’ section, 4 DApps have been added:one-click ICO, Wayki Number Guess, fishchain, tokenwin;

· ‘Event center’ section was launched, in which users can communicate with each other about WaykiChain official topics and post contents. The forum function has been optimized.

T2D2 Development

Web wallet plug-in WaykiMax:

· Add token function (100%);

· Optimized users’ account information interface to increase users’ experience;

· Develop offline signature interfaces, including contract publishing interface, calling contract interface, ordinary transfer interface, node voting interface(80%).

Smart contract online IDE WaykiMix:

· WaykiMix v1.0.0 launched, developers can easily deploy smart contract, increasing developer-friendliness;

· New version of blockchain explorer: Prototype design(90%).

Public Chain Development

· Automated testing the Automated testing of integration of jenkins and testlink: completed the process for managing, writing, executing, and testing reports from test cases (100%)

· Modified JSON RPC Server, using libevent to transfer boost::asio (100%)

· Modified the log printing strategy to improve the TPS of the public chain (100%)

· Optimized TPS performance pressure measurement interface: startgeneration(100%)

· Modified rpc interface decoderawtx, making it to support the analysis of reward transactions.

Work Plan for This Week

· Optimize official website content, add DApp list;

· Develop BaaS v2.0.0;

· Web wallet plug-in WaykiMax offline signature interface, test ‘add token’ function, design debug function;

· Publish js signature library to npm.

· Blockchain explorer program is officially launched;

· Multi-signature support: Support M-N multi-signature;

· Modify all parameter names of the JSON RPC interface to standardize them.

Community Development


· WaykiChain DApp Funding Program triggers broadly attention from a lot of overseas medias, more than 10 well-known blockchain medias including Cointelegraph,Ethereum World News, ZyCrypto, Smartereum, CryptoPotato.com etc. reported the program.

· Launched WaykiChain Global Representative Recruitment Program to expand the globalization layout of WaykiChain;

· Maintaining the overseas official channels, posted “The Path to Prosperity of WaykiChain(WICC) in CEO’s Eyes”, “WaykiChain(WICC) has Officially Launched WaykiTimes v1.2.1 with 4 NEW DApps” and “WaykiChain(WICC) Weekly Report”, etc.

· Disclosed the latest updates of WaykiChain project to the communities including “WaykiChain Official Group” and “WaykiChain Developers-Global” telegram groups.

· Officially launched English version of White Paper v2.0, users can browse on WaykiChain official website.

· The design planning of T2D2 section on English official website (80%)

· Updated “Crypto Weekly Roundup”

· Product translation support.


· “WaykiChain Ecosystem Salon — How to Benefit from Blockchain Game” theme event sponsored by WaykiChain, co-organized by Gyro Finance and Game Gyro has officially opened on April 11th, and the event will be held in Nanshan , Shenzhen on April 19th. The official Weibo of WaykiChain will be live broadcast.

· WaykiChain is invited to attend 16th TFC Global Pan-Game Conference, which will open on April 17 to April 18 in the Hong Kong science park. The official Weibo of WaykiChain will be live broadcast.

· Produced 3 episodes of “WaykiChain Daily News” live broadcast, with 1,484 views and 737 likes in average per episode. For one single episode, the highest view is 2038, and the highest like is 1352, and 145 comments in average per episode;

· The theme event of WaykiChain DApp Funding Program had a live draw on WaykiTimes and official Weibo. 1 lucky audience gained custom golden bars, and 3 audiences gained custom memorial gifts;

· The forth lecture of the ‘Blockchain Preschool’ first part was successfully launched on April 14, 2019. Students teamed up to complete DApp development cases, and presented in the lecture.

· WaykiChain DApp Funding Program has received DApp project planning proposals from 27 development teams.

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