WaykiChain(WICC) Weekly Report —5.06–5.12

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Technology & Product Development

Application Development

· Blockchain explorer development (50%)

· WaykiTimes v2.0: collect new needs (50%)

T2D2 Development

· Optimize developer friendliness by optimizing various developer tool documentation (80%)

· Upgraded the services, fixed related bugs, so that developers can easily publish smart contracts (100%)

Public Chain Development

· Increase fuel calculation for basic operational instructions for lua virtual machines (100%)

· Refactored transaction rollback module (100%)

· Fixed rollback log initialization exception caused by node startup failure (100%)

· Fix mandatory check voting transaction initiation account must be activated to cause node startup failure (100%)

· Fixed the local timestamp logic according to the peer node timestamp to prevent the local timestamp from being polluted and causing the node to run abnormally. (100%)

· Fixed data error under node chain caused by data cache (90%)

Work Plan for This Week

· Fully test the blockchain explorer.

· Refactor the DPOS ticket count storage logic.

· Support the free activation of contract trading account (compatible with RegId).

· Increase the fuel calculation for each interface of the contract mylib library.

· Increase the contract simulation run interface.

· Fixing data errors under the node chain caused by the data cache.

Community Development


· CEO Gordon Gao accepted the interview with the famous Youtuber ‘Ivan on Tech’, the interview video will be released on Youtube in the near future.

· WaykiChain is expanding the Korean market. CTO Richard Chen accepted the interviews from Asia Economic TV blockchain channel of the Korean TV media and ITBC, to introduce the WaykiChain project to Korean audiences.

· Maintaining the overseas official channels, posted “WaykiChain Dev Tools Rally, Promoting Ecosystem Co-building”,”WaykiChain(WICC) Is Available on HyperPay! Register to Win Free WICC & HPY” etc.

· Updated “Crypto Weekly Roundup”.


· The first internal test of the Waykiman game was launched. The volunteers invited had an airdrop experience, which helps to complete collection of game problems and the feedback of suggestions for improvement.

· DApp Funding Program received 8 DApp project proposals submitted by 4 development teams this week.

· WaykiChain was invited by lk.wiki and was given the opportunity to show project as one of the first batch of ‘Blockchain Stars’.

· The WaykiChain Joint Atlas Protocol hosted the “Participating in the WaykiChain Questionnaire to Win WICC” event, which ended on May 27th and currently has 217 participants.

Welcome feedback from the community, so please do get in touch. Want to dive in further? Follow WaykiChain on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit andLinkedIn.

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