WaykiChain(WICC) Weekly Report-5.20 — 5.26

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Technology & Product Development

Stable Coin

· The design of Stable Coin system mechanism basically completed.The system code framework has been adjusted at the bottom of the public chain, so that it can be modularized and expandable, which has laid a solid foundation for the follow-up development of Stable Coin. Among them, the decentralized feeding mechanism has been finalized in the public chain technology and completed 50% of the development progress.

Public Chain Development

· Public chain construction support, modifed the automated test cases based on the latest nodes. (100%)

Application Development

· Blockchain explorer v2.0.0 is official launched. Based on the original blockchain explorer, functions and interface has been optimized, users can easily query any WaykiChain related information.

T2D2 Development

· WaykiMix (WaykiChain smart contract development tool)

Work Plan for This Week

· Continue to develop WaykiMix and complete the technology online (100%)

Community Development


· CCN, Issuewire etc. well-known blockchain medias reported WaykiChain CEO interview, revealing the ‘Win-Win-Win business model’ of WaykiChain.


· “Wayki Legend” developed by the third-party game development team Vododo joined the one-week ranking competition, the game is covered by some blockchain industry medias reports including DOGIgames, Fisho, Jin Se Media, Mars Finance and Sharing Finance.

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