WaykiChain(WICC) Weekly Report-5.20 — 5.26

Technology & Product Development

Stable Coin

· The design of Stable Coin system mechanism basically completed.The system code framework has been adjusted at the bottom of the public chain, so that it can be modularized and expandable, which has laid a solid foundation for the follow-up development of Stable Coin. Among them, the decentralized feeding mechanism has been finalized in the public chain technology and completed 50% of the development progress.

Public Chain Development

· Public chain construction support, modifed the automated test cases based on the latest nodes. (100%)

· Revised voting transaction rpc parsing parameters error. (100%)

· Use soft forks compatible with one coin for eleven and one coin for one (100%)

· Refactored the code to prevent transaction replay attacks (100%)

· Refactored voting storage logic (100%)

· Revised the fuel calculation of contract execution steps to campatible with v1.0 (100%)

· Added the fuel calculation of each interface in contract mylib library (100%)

Application Development

· Blockchain explorer v2.0.0 is official launched. Based on the original blockchain explorer, functions and interface has been optimized, users can easily query any WaykiChain related information.

· WaykiTimes v1.3.0: Added game horizontal screen and token list functions to strengthen the WaykiChain ecological construction.(30%)

· WaykiTimes v2.0.0: the design of prototype (10%), optimizing the existing interfaces and features to further enhance user experience.

· WaykiMax (Explorer plug-in wallet) is successfully live on 360 Explorer Appstore!

T2D2 Development

· WaykiMix (WaykiChain smart contract development tool)

· v2.0.0 prototype design completed (100%)

· Code plugin replaced with ace-based development, support for grammar checking (100%)

· Added Log area output (50%)

· Swagger2CaseManager (Interface automation test management platform)

· New added: Test environment configuration and switching, test report mailing, error logging.

· Debugged jointly the front-end and back-end, repaired related bugs: some problems caused by the unverification of form data input, external key error association in the database, deleted API referred by test cases, etc.

· Ansible automated deployment (25%)

· Used GitLab + Ansible to implement explorer front-end automated deployment.

· Use Ansible to implement the deployment of R&D nodes at t1-t11.

· Use Ansible to implement zabbix-agnt deployment.

Work Plan for This Week

· Continue to develop WaykiMix and complete the technology online (100%)

· WaykiTimes v1.3.0: game horizontal screen development and token list technology be online.

· WaykiTimes v2.0.0: the design of prototype (60%)

· WaykiTimes management background: the development of bulk currency distribution (50%)

· Support the free activation for contract transaction account (compatible with RegID).

· Add rollback mechanism in Ansible automation deployment

· Implement Zabbix email alerts, and basic monitoring of all machines.

Community Development


· CCN, Issuewire etc. well-known blockchain medias reported WaykiChain CEO interview, revealing the ‘Win-Win-Win business model’ of WaykiChain.

· On May 22, official Twitter launched “Bitcoin Pizza Day” event.

· WaykiChian Korean official Kakao group launched award-winning (Starbucks) event.

· Maintaining the overseas official channels, posted “WaykiChain(WICC) Weekly Report”, “WaykiChain Aims Far Beyond What ETH or EOS Is Now”,”WaykiChain Launches Block Explorer Upgrade — WaykiScan (Beta)”,”Blockchain Future Spotlights: Win-Win-Win Business Mode” etc.

· Disclosed the latest updates of WaykiChain project to the communities including “WaykiChain Official Group” and “WaykiChain Developers-Global” telegram groups.

· Updated “Crypto Weekly Roundup”.


· “Wayki Legend” developed by the third-party game development team Vododo joined the one-week ranking competition, the game is covered by some blockchain industry medias reports including DOGIgames, Fisho, Jin Se Media, Mars Finance and Sharing Finance.

· “Wayki Legend” released this week launched 8 welfare activities: charge money and cash back, Top 10 gain WICC, 520 couples power list, game-related essay collecting activity, continuous landing reward,level 100 rewards, as well as enter Wayki Legend Official QQ group (648976748) to enjoy Airdrop welfare. the response from game fans is good.

· The WaykiChain Joint Atlas Protocol hosted the “Participating in the WaykiChain Questionnaire to Win WICC” event, which ended on May 27th and currently has 302 participants.

· Produced 1 episode of “WaykiChain Daily News” live broadcast, with 1,222 views and 201 likes, and 22 comments.

· WaykiChain DApp Funding Program has received 4 DApp project plan this week.

The first phase of the “Blockchain Preschool” has ended in 5 courses, with a total of 60 students, of which 5 students passed the examination and obtained a diploma.

Welcome feedback from the community, so please do get in touch. Want to dive in further? Follow WaykiChain on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit andLinkedIn.



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