WaykiChain(WICC) Weekly Report-6.17–6.23

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Technology & Product Weekly Report


  • Refactored CDP storage logic, support single user to open multiple CDPs. (100%)

Application Development

  • Blockchain explorer V2.0.0: the design of management background prototype

T2D2 Development

  • WRC721 Standard research and setting (100%)

Public Chain Development

  • Node IP reporting service development (100%)

Work plan for next week

Stable Coin

  • Complete the settlement transaction of DEX

WaykiTimes V2.0.0

  • Integrated test of all interfaces front and back end (100%)


  • Continue the design and development of application technology framework based on WRC721 standard.

Community Development


  • In preparation of WaykiChain’s first Hackathon in Korea. The date and details of the event will be officially announced soon.


  • 2 DApp games were launched on WaykiChain’s ecosystem, called contracts for 8899 times in total, the trade volumm has increased by $303,460 USD.

Welcome feedback from the community, so please do get in touch. Want to dive in further? Follow WaykiChain on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn.

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