WaykiChain(WICC) Weekly Report-6.17–6.23

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Technology & Product Weekly Report

  • Refactored CDP storage logic, support single user to open multiple CDPs. (100%)
  • Added the list of all unclosed CDPs into memory to quickly find CDP lists with unusual collateralization rates when market price fluctuates. (70%)
  • Design and implement various types of pending orders for DEX. (100%)
  • Design and implement a settlement transaction for DEX. (70%)
  • CDP operational transactions: CDP creation transactions (100%), CDP redemption transactions (80%), CDP liquidating transactions (70%)
  • Blockchain explorer V2.0.0: the design of management background prototype
  • WaykiTimes v2.0.0, overall progress 50%
  • front-end H5 page development (100%)
  • iOS and Android page development (100%)
  • design of management background V2.0.0’s prototype (100%)
  • WRC721 Standard research and setting (100%)
  • Demo application technology framework design based on WRC721 (50%)
  • Node IP reporting service development (100%)
  • Reconstruct account voting information (independent from account information) (100%)
  • Refactoring number rollback log processing logic of voting transaction (100%)

Work plan for next week

  • Complete the settlement transaction of DEX
  • Complete the withdrawal transaction of DEX
  • Complete the full load cache of CDP
  • Complete the automatic packing into the block operation of medium number of the miners’ feeding price.
  • Complete the implementation of CDP creation, redemption and liquidation transaction.
  • Start development of RPC and JSON-RPC interfaces of new transactions.
  • Integrated test of all interfaces front and back end (100%)
  • Improve the help center and other related introductory documents (100%)
  • Continue the design and development of application technology framework based on WRC721 standard.

Community Development

  • In preparation of WaykiChain’s first Hackathon in Korea. The date and details of the event will be officially announced soon.
  • Shooting the first video series for stable coin warm-up, to explain the advantages of WaykiChain’s stable coin. The stable coin will be launched recently, stay tuned.
  • WaykiChain has reached strategic cooperation with CTFEX, the world’s leading unicorn private equity share exchange platform, received the attention of famous vertical media overseas.
  • NewsBTC published Waykichain’s strategic cooperation with CTFEX; Cointelegraph published Traditional Investors Get Talk with Cryptomarket From WaykiChain(WICC) X CTFEX to analyze how would traditional investors enter crypto market through the collaboration between WaykiChain and CTFEX.
  • Maintenance of overseas official channels, released How does WakiChain(WICC) Stablecoin Benefit for WaykiChain Ecosystem, WaykiChain(WICC) Partners with CTFEX, the World’s Leading Unicorn Investment Exchange, New DApp — Wayki Paradise was released, WaykiChain Weekly Report, etc.
  • Operation of WaykiChain Official Group, WaykiChain Developers-Global group on Telegram, timely update the project information.
  • 2 DApp games were launched on WaykiChain’s ecosystem, called contracts for 8899 times in total, the trade volumm has increased by $303,460 USD.
  • WaykiChain’s official wallet WaykiTimes V1.3.0 has been lauched on DApp platforms Beestore and CoinPlay. Users can download from the above platforms.
  • The 2019 World Blockchain Industry Ecology Summit Forum will be held in Shenzhen on June 29, 2019. WaykiChain has been invited to the forum and fans are welcome to interact.
  • WaykiChain stable coin WUSD Q&A will be launched on June 25, 2019. Event details will be available on Wechat official account.
  • Wayki Rroudup had the first livestream this week, with 2190 views and 458 likes.
  • On June 18, the unicorn investment transfer platform CTFEX (COIN TRADED FUND EXCHANGE) based on WaykiChain public chain technology was launched. WaykiChain and CTFEX hosted a broadcast for Q&A, with 7,672 views, 2,662 likes and 38 comments.
  • CTFEX has launched CTFTT Placement event for WICC users. Subscriptions wll be open at 10:00 June 24, 2019. Details of the event would be post on WICC WaykiChain’s Official Wechat account.

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