WaykiChain(WICC) Weekly Report — 7.15–7.21

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Technology & Product Development

Public Chain Development- Stablecoin Module

  • Added the restriction that the same account can only hold one CDP at the same time. You must close the current CDP before you can create a new CDP.
  • Modified CDP creation and added operation transaction content: the mortgage rate varies dynamically based on the number of WICCs inputed by the users and the number of WUSDs expected to be loaned..
  • Added decodetxraw RPC implementation to stablecoin related transaction original data.
  • Fixed bugs related to CDP state persistence.
  • Implemented feeding price mean calculation
  • Initially realized the calculation of the feed price median, and the automatic creation of the transaction block logic.

Public Chain Development- Fundamental Module

  • Fixed a bug that caused a stack overflow due to a recursive call to execute a contract transaction (100%);
  • Fixed a bug that caused by deployment contract transaction fail (100%);
  • Implemented the acquisition of contract list ‘listcontracts rpc’ (100%);
  • Implemented the acquisition of contract data interface ‘getcontractdata rpc’ (100%);
  • Fixed the bug that failed to cancel voting (100%);
  • Completed WASM contract and WaykiChain data interface.

Application Development

  • WaykiChain Korea Hackathon landing page was released on English official website;
  • The prototype design of WaykiChain official website V2.0.0 (40%);
  • WaykiTimes:

-Fixed the display bugs in application center interface of different devices;

  • Blockchain Explorer:

-Released the management background, promote the operational efficiency.

Work Plan for This Week

Public Chain Development — Stablecoin Module

  • Jointly adjust the process of packaging feed price median transactions to be on the chain;
  • Complete parameter gorvernance (proposal, pledge WICC, one coin for one vote).

Public Chain Development — Fundamental Module

  • Feed price interface automation scripting complete 30%;
  • Contract trading supports multiple currencies;
  • WASM contract data serialization, persistence.

Official Website

  • SEO optimization 30%;
  • V2.0.0 prototype design 100%.

Market Development


  • Well-known blockchain media CryptoNewsZ released “WaykiChain(WICC) CEO Gordon GAO: When Libra Isn’t the Right Answer”;
  • WaykiChain Eco-Ttriangle video was released on official Youtube, containing the brief introduction of Eco-Ttriangle, as well as insights of CTO and CEO;
  • WaykiNews #2 was released on official Youtube, in which the host reports the latest news of WaykiChain;
  • WICC Heroes video will be released online, please stay tuned;
  • Maintenance of overseas official channels, released Weekly Report, WaykiChain X AEX #AMA on WaykiChain(WICC) Stablecoin etc. articles;
  • Daily operations of WaykiChain Official Group and WaykiChain Developers-Global, updating project development in time.


  • The fourth “WaykiChain Stablecoin Q&A” lucky draw wins cash event was successfully launched, a total of 179 users actively participated in the draw;
  • AEX and WaykiChain jointly held a live broadcast of “The Conquest of Stablecoin Projects” campaign. AEX brand manager Miao Da Ren and WaykiChain strategy analyst Tao Jing appeared in the live broadcast and analysed WaykiChain stablecoin and other stablecoins, attracting 410 spectators, 241 spectators actively discussed;
  • WaykiChain was invited to attend to “Credit China Annual Festival and 2019 (15th) China Enterprise Integrity and Competitiveness Forum” held in Beijing on July 27–29;
  • WaykiChain is growing in activity. This week, a new casual game called “Star Elimination” has been added. Nearly a thousand players have experienced the game;
  • WaykiChain and Coldlar have reached a strategic cooperation and will work together to open up the ecological loop. Next week, they will jointly launch a series of activities such as airdrops.

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