WaykiChain(WICC) Weekly Report-9.9–9.14

Technology & Product Development

Public Chain development — Stablecoin module

Bottom Layer

  • Modified the check of the transaction amount of the settlement transaction in DEX
  • Fixed an issue that pending order RPC interface showing incorrect prompts to nonexistent currencies.

Application Layer

  • CDP test complete
  • DEX test 50% complete

Public Chain development — fundamental module

  • Support multi-currency transfers (100%)
  • Modify the symbol format restrictions for publishing assets (100%)
  • Add LUA Contract API: Obtain the currency and amount of contract transaction
  • Add LUA Contract API: Obtain account balance based on currency
  • Multi-currency contract transaction deployment, RPC call
  • Fixed transaction to prevent duplicate cache causing failure in block rollback (100%)
  • Fixed cacbe error in price feeding transactions causing failure in block rollback (100%)
  • Submitsendtx rpc is compatible with new and old transfer transactions based on current block height
  • Transaction (transfer, contract call, stablecoins related transaction) free of activation
  • Importprivkey rpc supports importing miners’ private keys for cold mining
  • Requirement to use the wallet’s RPC to check the lock status of the wallet (100%)
  • The gas (WUSD) consumed by the contract transaction is allocated to the Risk Reserve Funding Pool (100%)
  • Wasm contract multi-layer receipt (100%)
  • Wasm contract multi-layer receipt abi deserialization (100%)
  • Wasm exception system (100%)
  • Wasm abi white box design and border defense (50%)
  • Bft consensus mechanism function code development (100%)
  • Functional modification of obtaining rpc interface status involved in the btf mechanism (to be tested) (50%)
  • Consensus mechanism stability test. Fix the bug caused by docking with the original mechanism (50%)

Application development

  • Wayki RedPacket lauched (100%)
  • Blockchain Explorer launched on testnet (100%)
  • Javascript wallet library (asset release, asset update) (100%)
  • Kotlin language wallet signature library (asset release, asset update, multi-currency contract call, lua contract deployment) (100%)
  • Go language wallet signature library (asset release, asset update, multi-currency contract call, lua contract deployment) (100%)
  • JsBridge 2.0 interface finishing (50%).
  • Wikipedia v2.1.0: Adding WUSD, WGRT, multi-currency transfer interface, application center call interface and other optimization functions, prototype design in Wallet (70%).

Following Work Plan

Public Chain development — Stablecoin module

Bottom Layer

  • Complete the new feature of the public chain soft fork height setting.
  • Enhance developer documentation for updates and optimizations of new features

Application Layer

  • CDP released test chain beta
  • DEX released test chain beta

Public Chain development — fundamental module

  • Wasm abi white box
  • Wasm contract authority and billing
  • Put forward the debugging of the consensus mechanism, docking with other existing functions, and performing small-scale testing on the test network.

Application development

  • WaykiTimes v2.1.0 prototype design (100%)
  • JsBridge 2.0 interface finishing (100%)
  • Wallet library documentation update (100%)

Marketing Monthly Report


  • 2019 WaykiChain Global Meetup Shenyang and Jinan stop were successfully held during this week. WaykiChain had a deep interaction with fan users. WaykiChain plans to travel to Hangzhou, Wuhan and Nanjing to interact with users. Sign-up for the event is open.
  • WaykiChain Sweetie launched 4 online events this week: “Looking for NO.1 player”, “Mid-Autumn Festival Welfare — Mooncake Madness”, “Topic debate event — Community discussion on lottery”, “Mid-Autumn Festival red packet”. The innovative form and content of the event greatly enhance user engagement. WaykiChain Sweetie will continue to interact deeply with users, bringing more fun and interesting activities with welfare. Please stay tuned!
  • 2 new DApp games developed by third party developers — Running Monsters & Da Tang Wushuang had been lauched on WaykiChain. As of September 13, the total number of transactions in the two games is 258, and the total transaction volume is 1859 WICC.
  • Wayki RedPacket developed by WaykiChain team has been officially launched on WaykiTimes before Mid-Autumn Festival. WaykiChain Sweetie has airdroped a lot of Mid-Autumn welfare to users by RedPacket.
  • During September 11th-12th, WaykiChain has launched a collection of names of the governance coin. A total of 18 fans submitted their understanding and ideas for the governance coin.


  • CryptoNewsZ issued “WaykiChain was Invited to Attend Top-Level Economic Forum with Neil Bush”, which demonstrate the details that Waykichain CTO Richard Chen attended China Development Forum, and WaykiChain’s advantages and opportunities being a leading domestic public chain, when Chinese government is developing Shenzhen as a pioneering demonstration area.
  • WaykiChain official YouTube updates: WaykiChain Russian offline meet-up, the 3rd WaykiVlog. The video contents are about Moscow meet-up event details and the whole story of WaykiChain Hackathon. Check WaykiChain official YouTube for details.
  • WaykiChain overseas group has been building a Global Partner team, which helps in global market development and lauching more overseas events.
  • Maintenance of overseas official channels, released “Number behind WaykiChain(WICC) Userbase in Chinese Market”, “The Testnet Upgrade Starts! WaykiChain Public Chain V2.0 Will be Completed Before September 30th”, “WaykiChain(WICC) was Invited to Attend Top-Level Economic Forum”, and WaykiChain Weekly Report.
  • Daily operations of WaykiChain Official Group and WaykiChain Developers-Global, 웨이키체인-WaykiChain(WICC) Korea and WaykiChain Korea Kakao group, updating project in time.




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