Seize the Opportunities and Lead the Trend — — WaykiChain(WICC) will move forward as always and its prospect is glorious.

Recently, WaykiChain has continued to lead the trend in blockchain industry:

Product launch conference was held in Shenzhen — DAPP product released — DAPP product upgraded — DAPP international version released — Global conference in Korea concluded with perfect ending.

Now, every move of WaykiChain will become the headline in the industry. As the leader of blockchain prediction industry, WaykiChain will surely grasp its first-mover advantage and make full use of its own resources to be the top in blockchain prediction industry. With an efficient team, high-quality technical support, and rich social resources, WaykiChain will continue to move forward as always and create a new era of blockchain prediction games!

“Blockchain + World Cup”, WaykiChian will seize the opportunity

On June 14, the flames of the 21st FIFA World Cup will be ignited at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, and the relevant sports prediction industry with trillion market value will inevitably agitate. By applying blockchain technology, WaykiChain effectively solved the pain points of the traditional prediction platforms, realized decentralization and low transaction cost. With good times and continual opportunities, WaykiChain will definitely move forward as always, seize the opportunity and fire together with the momentum of the World Cup.

DAPP International version launched

Accompanied by the official release of WaykiChain DAPP Wallet’s international version in Korea, it also marked the beginning of WaykiChain entering into the international market, showing itself on the world stage. DAPP Wallet is a prediction game application built on WaykiChain. This is the first time blockchain technology has been used in prediction game scenarios. It will utilize blockchain technology’s advantages including decentralization, openness, transparency and encrypt security, perfectly solve industry pain points including platform running away, lack of supervision, high commission fee, and deficient gameplays and quickly obtain share in this trillions-dollars-scale market . WaykiChain DAPP Wallet is the product after WaykiChain team numerous days’ and nights’ work, “reap as you sow”, WaykiChain DAPP Wallet is doomed to shine in the blockchain industry.

Going globally

WaykiChain held a brilliant product launch event in Korea and conducted a road show for WaykiChain DAPP Wallet’s international version. There were passionate band performances, exciting lotteries and gold bars distribution at the conference. From the layout of the conference to the details of different activities, all of these show that WaykiChain takes this conference seriously and prepares for it meticulously. Korea station is just the first stop for WaykiChain to hit the international market. WaykiChain will promote and expand itself in Russia, Japan, and the United States in near future. WaykiChain team will continue to move forward with firm faith, aiming at the future.

WaykiChain is ready to enter international market with the ambition to change prediction platform. In this great internet era, WaykiChain will find its own glory. For the long-distance journey ahead, WaykiChain will be brave to overcome the obstacles, continue to plough deeper into the blockchain technology and interpret its own wonderfulness!






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