WaykiChain’s founder, “Fencing Master”, issued a statement on recent price fluctuations of WICC

Historically all valuable cryptocurrency have experienced significant price fluctuations. Bitcoin’s price fell from 8,000 CNY to 900 CNY, then rose to 130,000 CNY; Litecoin’s price fell from 388 CNY to 5 CNY and then rose to 3,000 CNY; Ripple’s price fell from 5 CNY to 0.01 CNY then rose to 20 CNY. So we should rationally look at the recent price fluctuations of WICC. There are policy risks, technical security risks, and financial cycle risks in investing cryptocurrency. We have always suggested our investors “Invest with extra money, don’t be panic about the short-term price fluctuations, and do recognize the long-term value of the project.”

There are some comments in our communities requiring us to stand out to prop up the price. In principle, WaykiChain will not intervene in market. The current WICC exchange price for ETH still has more than 200% profit compared to its private offering price. If the market price of WICC irrationally drops to private offering price, WaykiChain official will take out 100 million cash to buy back WICC to stabilize the market. Because the heat for World Cup has been exhausted, and Bitcoin’s price fell to 6000 CNY with very weak trend, the entire guessing sector is experiencing a huge drop.

WaykiChain team is in continuous expansion and has sufficient funds, we are still realizing our strategic goals smoothly as planned. As for the recent irrational rumors, we will invite all big investors holding more than 100,000 WICC to Hong Kong to have a communication meeting, introducing the work status and future plan of WaykiChain. We will directly response to the doubts with our action!

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