WaykiChain(WICC)’s Official Legal Statement on Open Source Plan

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WaykiChain’s Official Legal Statement

Solemn Statement: For any third parties or users using WaykiChain who have any objections to this legal statement, please stop to use WaykiChain to carry out any activities immediately. If you continue to use WaykiChain, you are deemed to fully agree with this statement.

  1. WaykiChain is a smart contract platform that supports Turing devices. Smart contracts can be used for various scenarios such as assets issuing, game prediction, traceability and certification of copyright, and cross-border settlement.
  2. WaykiChain is a public chain. After opening its API, WaykiChain, like Ethereum and other public chains, can be used by individuals (including users) and organizations (third parties) worldwide to develop and operate applications including assets issuing, game prediction, traceability and certification of copyright (hereafter referred to as third parties’ app).
  3. WaykiChain prediction game DApp is an attempt to detect its public chain operation’s stability and security. It is also an entry point to accumulate users. It needs to be specifically stated that WaykiChain Official only operates prediction games and is not involved in FIAT money-related gambling or lottery activities. What used in the prediction game are game tokens issued by smart contract. These game tokens are freely distributed to users by WaykiChain Official, users do not need to buy them. These game tokens cannot be converted into other FIAT money or digital assets, neither does WaykiChain Official provide any direct or indirect exchange channels. However, users can use these earned games tokens to participate in ranking, WaykiChain Official will distribute awards to users freely based on their game tokens’ ranking.
  4. Apps developed and operated by third parties, based on WaykiChain public chain, need to comply with local laws and policies. Developers and operators can launch and operate their Apps on WaykiChain public chain only after they get permits and qualifications required by local laws and policies. If third parties prediction application involves FIAT money exchange, they may need to obtain lottery license or permit. In principle, WaykiChain Official will also require third parties to obtain license or permit that complies with local laws and policies before operating. But prediction Apps developed and operated based on WaykiChain are operating among users, WaykiChain Official or any other third parties will not be dealers nor accept any users’ prediction assets. Unlike traditional lottery, whether they are lotteries, whether they need permits and whether it complies with regulation policies need to be defined by local laws and policies. Because of our own ability limitations, WaykiChain Official can not judge nor guarantee the implementation of effective supervision or interference. Therefore, WaykiChain Official does not guarantee or promise the legality of third parties’ behavior. However, WaykiChain Official solemnly stated that there is no investing, shareholding, or controlling relationship between WaykiChain Official and those previously mentioned gambling-related third parties.
  5. The fairness, justness, and transparency advocated by WaykiChain are achieved by technical characteristics of WaykiChain based on blockchain public chain itself, not implemented by the centralized supervision from WaykiChain Official or any other third parties. After opening API, WaykiChain Official is unable to control the behavior of third parties. Third parties will bear legal responsibility themselves. WaykiChain will not assume responsibility for the behavior of any third parties, or provide any guarantee or promise for their behavior’s legality. However, if third parties’ actions are suspected of violating the law or infringing users’ rights, WaykiChain has the right to cooperate with local authorities in accordance with law.
  6. When users use applications developed based on WaykiChain’s public chain, they should be in compliance with local laws and policies of the country where they are located and operate business. If the users’ participation are prohibited or restricted by relevant laws or policies, the users should stop to use the application. WaykiChain Official will not bear any responsibility for the legality of users’ behavior or provide any guarantee or warranty.
  7. WaykiChain Official will not collect commission fee from users’ each prediction.
  8. This statement is only a legal statement. For other contents concerning WaykiChain Official activities, please refer to other relevant statements or announcements published by WaykiChain.
  9. If any information or announcement published by WaykiChain Official previously is inconsistent with this statement, please refer to this statement. If there are any changes or adjustments, please refer to the latest statement published by WaykiChain.

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