WaykiDAO: A Milestone in WaykiChain’s Development, Driving Innovation and Growth in Public Chain Ecosystem

WaykiChain WICC
2 min readMay 10


Recently, the public chain project WaykiChain revealed its plan to create its own Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), WaykiDAO. This move marks a significant step in the realm of public chain governance for WaykiChain.

In the blockchain industry, “governance” is a keyword. It not only refers to how projects manage their communities but also includes how community members participate in and influence the development of the project. In the blockchain field, governance mainly refers to stakeholders in the network discussing, establishing, and executing a series of rules to promote the overall ecosystem development, which of course also covers profit distribution.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a crucial component of blockchain governance. It allows all network members to participate in the decision-making process, achieving truly democratic governance. A DAO can be seen as a kind of organization based on the blockchain, where operational rules are set and automatically executed by smart contracts, with no need for any centralized institution for management. Compared to traditional governance models, the advantages of DAO lie in its transparency, fairness, and its ability to better coordinate the interests of all parties, ensuring the fair execution of rules.

WaykiChain’s WaykiDAO embodies such a new governance model. By establishing WaykiDAO, WaykiChain will grant community members greater decision-making power in the direction of project development, promoting a more democratic and transparent decision-making process. WaykiDAO will be managed by a community management committee, with members from different areas of the WaykiChain ecosystem, representing various viewpoints and interests of the community. This inclusive approach will enhance the sense of belonging among community members and contribute to the project’s long-term success and sustainable development.

The operation of WaykiDAO will leverage smart contracts to ensure the smooth execution of proposals and decisions. This decentralized decision-making mechanism can effectively prevent the over-concentration of power, protect the interests of community members, and improve decision-making efficiency.

The creation of WaykiDAO by WaykiChain will not only further promote its own development and ecosystem construction, but more importantly, it enables community members to genuinely participate in project decision-making, reflecting the true value of blockchain. The establishment of WaykiDAO will undoubtedly become a new milestone in the development of WaykiChain, and it will be of significant importance in pushing for the innovation and development of the public chain ecosystem, as well as the value enhancement of WICC and WGRT.