WaykiMeme Competition Result

WaykiChain WICC
2 min readMar 31, 2021


One week ago we issued an exciting meme competition for all creatives in our community. Today we present you the winners!

The team received over 50 submissions from all over the world. The quality ranged from mediocre to absolutely excellent memes. The team had a lot of fun picking the winners.

With memes, we can cheer up our community channels and release all the creative minds that we have in our community. We are very happy with the amount of engagement we received in the competition.

The jury includes team members from WaykiChain & external blockchain and software experts, to ensure objectivity is in place.

The Result:

We are thrilled to announce the following 3 winners.

1st Place Winner: @akusiapakusiap3 ——Congratulations!


Reward:38,888 WGRT

2nd Place Winner: @Ravindu15951379——Congratulations!

“video capture below, video source: https://twitter.com/Ravindu15951379/status/1377097559026462726?s=20


Reward: 18,888 WGRT

Engagement Place Winner(The one with most Twitter engagement): @MarkCrypto23


Reward: 20,000 WGRT

Congratulations to all winners! We will be in touch with our champions to arrange all rewards soon.

Thank you for all participants who brought the creation and happiness to the community. Stay Tuned for next competition!