WaykiMix Upgrade Is Coming!

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WaykiMix, the smart contract development tool of WaykiChain, along with the BaaS platform, has become an edge tool for third-party developers (teams) to develop DApps on WaykiChain. As an online smart contract development tool based on js language, WaykiMix has full-process functions from compilation, debugging to deployment, which facilitates developers to develop LUA conveniently.

To further enhance the efficiency of WaykiMix, WaykiChain will launch an upgraded version of WaykiMix. Currently, WaykiMix can be divided into three modules: folder management, workspace and functional zone. The upcoming upgrade, in addition to optimizing the overall user interface, will focus on the improvement of the workspace and functional zone.

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In the workspace, WaykiMix will support to automatically detect the Lua syntax error of smart contract, and add a log section to support the deployment and display the result of invoking smart contract.

In Deploy module of the functional zone, the upgraded WaykiMix will support to display of the account balance and the pop-up message of WaykiMax; In Run section, the layout will be recomposed and functions of saving, re-editing parameters and obtaining key-value of contracts will be added. In Tool section, hexString conversion array function will be added; In Help section, the version and help information will be added.

While improving the functionality, WaykiMix will maintain its friendly user experience. Whether you are a freshman or veteran developer in the blockchain world, you can quickly learn and master the new WaykiMix. WaykiMix can help developers to write, compile and deploy contracts, register contracts on blockchain, invoke smart contracts on blockchain, and complete the whole development cycle. The tool greatly reduces the difficulty of developing smart contracts on WaykiChain.

Link of WaykiMix: http://waykimix.wiccdev.org

WaykiChain will launch the upgrade of WaykiMix very soon, stay tuned!

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