1. Repayment logic optimized in CDP lending: after a CDP borrower returns the loan, the Repay button reappears after 24 hours.
2. ERC20_USDT -> WUSD direction is available in Token Swap, see the instructions below:
1) press Token Swap on the Discover page/press banner “Token Swap upgrade” at Assets page.
2) under Ethereum to WaykiChain, press ERC20_USDT -> WUSD
3) copy or scan the reception address and deposit ERC20_USDT to it
4) wait 1–2 minutes for the exchange to complete and press Details in the the transaction history to check the transaction
5) view the swapped WUSD in your wallet.

1. Failed deposit orders will not display in the transaction history;
2. Swap of deposits less than 1 USDT will fail and such amounts cannot be returned.
3. If your swap fails, please contact our support: https://t.me/MeloCai and provide RegID, wallet address and deposit time.