What Has WaykiChain(WICC) Achieved on Building a Developer Friendly Community?

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WaykiChain as a decentralized blockchain public chain platform and the core developer in ecosystem development system always attaches great importance to developer’s experience. Therefore, WaykiChain CTO Richard Chen brought up that a community being developer-friendly can never be too important in WaykiChain’s Investors& Media Meet Up. In this chat, this issue is put forward for another time.

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Live Chat of WaykiChain CTO Richard Chen

User: A developer friendly platform is said to be the key to putting blockchain application into actual use. Why is that?

Richard Chen: Being developer friendly is very important for the development of blockchain and ecological prosperity. First, developer-friendly means providing developer documentation, tools, and general-purpose services that make it easy and efficient for developers to use for blockchain-related development. In general, once we achieved developer friendly, the prosperity of the entire ecosystem of the blockchain will be guaranteed, and developers will be able to develop a user-friendly product. The diagram provides an overview of the work direction and focus of being developer-friendly and user-friendly in the blockchain industry and the relationship between them.

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The relationship between being developer friendly and user friendly

User: WaykiChain has brought forward to build a developer-friendly community. What is the main content of it? What has been done so far?

Richard Chen: WaykiChain’s current work primarily is to sort out and improve the developer documentation for blockchain interactions, and has corrected some errors in the previous developer documentation.

At the same time, WaykiChain also provides a containerized deployment of WaykiChain node deployment solution, which can achieve nearly-one-click deployment, and completely shields the deployment problems caused by platform differences and operational inconsistencies.

In addition, WaykiChain also opened source on the SDK and document for wallet address generation, activation and offline signature of all kinds of transactions deployed in the background server, and it also opened source on the mobile wallet code.

Of course, the above work is not enough. We have three major parts in being developer friendly. The first of these is the developer documentation. There are at least two types of users: public chain technology developers who need more detailed technical documentation to help them understand the technical architecture of WaykiChain, the specific module design and programming details, etc. The second category is application developers who need the document of WaykiChain nodes interactive call to help them to better understand. This document already exists, but needs to be improved.

The second is to provide a variety of developer tools, which is also very important for developers. WaykiChain currently offers tools such as a blockchain browser, a one-click deployment tool for container-based wallet nodes, a cold wallet signature tool, and a demo app for mobile. But more tools are needed to help improve efficiency.

The third is the upper-level application module, such as the open source code of the blockchain explorer itself. There is also a client SDK that the upper application can directly call, which allows the developer to greatly reduce the dependency on the underlying interface, thereby focusing on the development of the business logic of the upper layer.

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