Who Decides The Odds Of the World Cup Matches? WaykiChain(WICC) Provides You A New Answer!

2018 Russia World Cup has come to the 14th match day. Have you shocked by the weak behavior of the traditional strong teams such as Argentina and Germany? Although the football fans’ enthusiasm to participate in betting is unprecedentedly high, but the unexpected results may break their hearts.

Then there comes a question, when you buy the lottery from the traditional betting platforms, how’s the odds decided?

A mature betting platform will hire a group of professionals to make a “forecast” of match results. There are sports experts specializing in sports event research, statistical experts specializing in mathematical modeling, and IT experts who are responsible for digging fans’ opinions from the Internet. They are often referred to as the “manipulator” or “odds expert” in betting industry.

Therefore, the odds we see are actually worked out by these professionals through a series of sophisticated calculations, taking account of the details as climate, player status, injury, team morale, and even the key players’ diet, whether their families are watching the match. The final odds are drawn from these factors, ensuring the betting platform’s profit, and they will constantly adjust the odds according to the situation of the match. When you feel that the odds is fair enough, actually you have already been a part of the calculation.

The traditional betting has become a platform for the dealer to make money. Is there any way to solve the drawbacks of traditional betting? Can we find a way for the betting participants to enjoy higher returns?

The answer is YES! WaykiChain Wallet DApp, fully integrating blockchain technology’s decentralization, irreversibility and fairness, completely gets rid of the drawbacks of traditional betting platform, and realizes pure betting among participants and 99% return rate.

WaykiChain betting adopts prize pool odds. Before the betting deadline of each game, the odds are constantly changing along with the user’s betting. After the deadline the odds are confirmed as the final odds (no upper limit), and the reward is calculated at the final odds after the draw. Option odds = total prize pool amount / total betting amount of this option * 99% (return rate); winning amount = betting amount * option final odds.

During the World Cup, download WaykiChain Wallet DApp 2.0 to register in WaykiChain Championship III, and you can participate in betting match results, total goals, etc. WaykiChain will provide prizes like gold bar, iPad, iPhoneX, BMW5X and even helicopter for you to win!

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